Learn Chess Your Way

Aimchess analyzes your recent chess games and gives you easy to understand guidance on what you’re doing well and how you can improve. Then based on your own games, we create personalized lessons to help you improve.

Aimchess users increase their rating 40% faster than peers

*compared to the average Lichess & Chess.com in their respective rating bracket

Data we analyze

Opening performance

How accurately do you play in the opening? Are you able to gain an early advantage or do you put yourself at a disadvantage?

Advantage capitalization

How often are you able to convert the advantages you gain into victories?


How often are you able to recover when find yourself in losing positions.

Mistakes & Blunders

How often do you make mistakes/blunders compared to players in your rating range? And when are you most likely to make those mistakes?

Overall Win Rate Analysis

What percentage of your games do you win with both the black & white pieces? Are there any days where you do better than others?

Endgame Performance
(coming soon)

How accurately do you play in endgames? Can you grind out King and Pawn endgames to victory like you’re Magnus? Or are you losing in endings where you should have won?


Lessons we provide


Advantage Capitalization Trainer

Practice converting your winning positions by replaying games that you lost in the past despite having a significant advantage. If you can beat Stockfish, you can beat anyone :)


Tactics Puzzles

Sharpen your offensive chess capabilities with high quality tactics tailored to your skill level.


Opening improver

We find your most common opening mistakes and used spaced-repetition training to help you learn the correct move to play in the future.


Practice visualization

Calculate like a king by improving your visualization abilities. Try to remember where your key pieces were and what moves were available to you.


Blunder Preventer

Learn defensive chess pricinples by choosing between two *seemingly* good move choices: one keeps you alive to fight another day, and the other is a blunder.


360 Trainer

This is no regular tactics puzzle. Our one-of-a-kind trainer presents you with a variety of positions: offensive & defensive tactics, equal positions, and mistakes from your past games. Train all aspects of your game by determining the best move available to you in both tactical and strategic positions.

Data Driven Education

Great for chess coaches
and chess enthusiasts

Aimchess is great for coaches looking to spend less time studying their students’ games and more time coaching. With Aimchess you can quickly understand a student’s style of play and provide data-driven recommendations to help them improve.


$0 /mo


  • 3 reports
  • 40 games per report
  • Limited daily lessons

$7.99 /mo


  • Analysis of 1000 previous games
  • Analysis of all future games
  • 2x deeper games analysis
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Full statistics
  • Tracking 2 chess accounts
  • Progress tracking

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